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Grandma's fully marked gaff-deck! Scenario: You're on your way to a gig and you've forgotten your deck. Maybe your dog ate it? What do you do? Answer. You stop off at your Grandma's house and grab an old deck from the drawer. At least, that's your story. Madison Kittens are a marked, gaffed-deck in ultimate stealth mode. Ever had a spectator ask "Are those just regular cards? Or are they special?" ... Yeah us too. With the Kittens deck you'll never be asked that again. Completely unassuming in design, but devastating in function. Even if you told them the truth they wouldn't believe you. - Normal deck of 52 cards for regular magic effects. - Angle Z Gimmick - Duplicate card... you know why. - Monte Gimmick - Fully. Freaking. Marked. A deck just like Grandma used to make. • The cards are poker size. NOTE: The markings on the deck, are hidden in the decoration in the top right and bottom left corners of the backs of the cards. It will be possible to see them close up, but it will be completly impossible for your spectators to see them at a distance. No specific explanation about the marking system is supplied.


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